LOAD520 – Day 12

What a day. You know when your kid punches a hole in the wall, you think about things. So, I made bagels. Well, I started bagels. I started Anadama bread too, but that was just soaking polenta. I made the bagel dough, shaped the bagels and refrigerated them. I made chicken pot pie for dinner. It was good, but the crust was going to kill me. We almost went out. I got a grip. I did not punch a hole in the wall. I did go out and play Pokemon Go for a little bit. Not too long.

The prompt today was a fun one.

Abbey LOAD Day 12 – Paperback Writer (song)
Story: Scrapbook about reading or other leisure activity
Technique: Use books, or dictionary papers on your page.

First, I do not rip apart books to use the pages on my layout. If someone else ripped apart the book, maybe, but no ruining books here.

I volunteer at the Cambrian Branch Library. I love it. It brings me so much joy. I really just clean books for 2 hours a week. But I love it. I love the 3 women who work there with me. I love going into the library before it opens. I love seeing what people donate. It’s just absolute joy. For some reason, that I have no idea why now, I took a picture of me frowning in the office at the library. So, it made perfect sense to use that picture and do a layout about how I miss my library friends.

Layout of me missing my volunteer job at the library

I found a picture of the library, as I don’t have any pictures of the ladies I work with. I will fix that. I knew I had some left over wrapping paper in my stash that was book titles. I know, crazy wrapping paper, right? It’s great! I think I have one more piece. Then, I was totally inspired by a Teresa Collins Facebook live I watched today. She was making tags. I was like, I bet I have some nice yellow paper that will go with the book paper, and make a great tag. I found this OLD paper with shamrocks on it in my scraps. Perfect. Then I found this teal paper that had the days of the week on it, and Thursday (my volunteer day) was there, and I was like perfect! Then I found this From the Library of tag (right on top) and PERFECT!

This thing came together so effortlessly. I’m totally pleased. I just wish I remembered why I was frowning. Oh well.

Bagels tomorrow. It will be fun. I hope you are planning something fun tomorrow.

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