LOAD520 – Day 13

It was such a busy day. I got up and finished my bagels. Which were flat. I’m confused by that. So, I will be doing some research on why my bagels were flat. They taste fantastic, but I want them not to be flat. I also made bread today. Anadama bread. It’s made with soaked polenta and molasses. It is delicious. I almost forgot that I had started it yesterday. I’m done baking for the week.

I also managed to get a layout out. I kinda followed one prompt, but not the other. Here is the prompt.

Abbey LOAD – Day 13 Paul McCartney, Hey Jude (song)
Story: Create a layout that shares a message of hope/comfort.
Technique: Use wings on your page.

So, I probably took this quote wrong, and that’s ok. I thought of it more as a kindness thing. Because kindness is comforting, right? And I used an embellishment that says “comfort and joy.” I’m feeling like I’m stretching here, and it doesn’t even matter that I’m stretching. You don’t have to follow the prompt. I also didn’t use wings. Honestly, I forgot. But, you know Santa flies right? Same difference.

Ok, so the story. John took me to see She & Him in Oakland in December of 2019 (regardless that I accidentally stamped 2020). When we got to the theatre, I noticed Santa sitting there with no one talking to him. I said “hi Santa, how are you?” He was like here, I have something for you, and then he gave me a t-shirt! Of course I had to sit down and get a picture! It just reminds me that when people are kind, good things happen. It’s nice that way. It give me hope that the kindness will spread, and comfort that something good happened to someone good.

Scrapbook layout of me and Santa after I won a t-shirt

This layout came together crazy easy. I knew the picture I wanted to use, printed it a bit smaller than I usually do. Then I pulled out some of my Christmas paper (it was at Christmas time, and it is Santa), and the first sheet I saw was this old piece of Kaisercraft that I’ve had forever and a day. It was on one side of the clear project envelope. On the other side were these holly leaves. I looked through my red scraps and I found Christmas reds. I had this tag on the table left over from yesterdays layout which I haven’t posted yet. Sorry. It’s funny how it just all came together. I found the 1/2 crescent moon Santa, and bam! Done. I then stamped it with the wrong date, so we call it a day.

I hope you had a productive day. Today a friend brought me toilet paper. If that kindness isn’t comfort, I don’t know what is. I felt very loved today. It was a nice change. And if you watched my bagel video on Facetime, I’m sorry I didn’t dress for you. I literally got up, went to make the bagels, then decided to Facebook live the whole thing. There wasn’t a ton of thought. I even called Sean away from his school work. There you go.

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