LOAD520 – Day 14

Wow. It was a busy day. I went to get a book from Hickelbee’s. Then, I got the dogs prescription. Then, I went to Target. I didn’t really enjoy Target. There were too many people in there, and even with a mask on, I was pretty uncomfortable. I did, however score toilet paper. So there is that. We have started doing a Thursday leftover night, as garbage day is Friday. It’s a great way to empty things out, and my fridge has lots of room for my bubly water now. I don’t think I have to go grocery shopping for another week. So, I’m pleased about that.

But, I digress as usual. You are here for the prompt.

Abbey LOAD Day 14 – Ticket to Ride (song)
Story: Scrap a story of travel or adventure!
Technique: Use tickets on your page, or patterned paper with tickets.

Not gonna lie here. So nice to have an easy prompt. I’ve got tickets up the ying yang, and lord knows I’ve got travel photos. I started out wanting to do our trip to Ash Meadows last October. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ephemera. This is no surprise, as I moved my crafting area from the Family Room to the spare room right around the time we got locked down. So, things are in boxes still, and I don’t know were some of my stuff even is right now. It’s hard to go into LOAD not knowing where stuff is.

So, I did find some of the ephemera from Fort Point. Jenny and I took the kids there last summer, then we went out to lunch, and had a sweet treat. It was a fun day. Because Fort Point is a part of a National Park, of course they have a Junior Ranger Program. I got a book for all the kids. They all filled it out. Sean was really peeved about the whole thing, but I don’t really care. Why not have a learning experience if you can. I couldn’t get the kids to take a nice picture. So we have crap pictures. I did send a postcard home to John. I can’t find the Fort Point Junior Ranger pin. I’m sure it’s here somewhere, so I saved out the Junior Ranger booklet so I can do another layout a different day.

Scrapbook layout of Fort Point part of  the Golden Gate National Parks.

You know I said that I was going to stay away from sketches and scraplifting for a while. Yeah right. There is a weekly sketch on the Redefined Kreative Facebook page on Thursdays. I was like I can so this one. Then, nope. I can’t get it to be what I want it to be. So this is 1/2 that sketch. I cut one piece of paper. Wait, two. because I wanted to us the Adventure Awaits tag, and the wish you were here ticket. I cut the post card up, and used the stamp in a different place. It’s kinda blocky, but kinda not. I like it. I think. And that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done.

I hope you had a great day.

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