LOAD520 – Day 21

Today we decided not to do school. It wasn’t a hard decision. It really wasn’t. Sean is just not motivated, and John and I are having to hold his hand to get through everything. Even art. It’s crazy.

So we went cherry picking. There were two people that we encountered. The person who gave us the bags, and the person who took our money. We picked 12 pounds of cherries. I think John really enjoyed the picking. I read later that we weren’t supposed to pick the stems. Oops. Might have been cheaper if we didn’t. Oh well. The cherries are amazing. I must have eaten a pound while we were out there. Yummy cherries. We will be sharing some with the neighbours, but otherwise, I’ve got to figure out what to do with all these cherries! Baking will be happening.

Abbey LOAD Day 21 – Helter Skelter (song)
Story: Scrapbook something very unexpected (maybe about yourself)
Technique: Use metallics or metal embellishments.

I’ve not been feeling about doing self reflection layouts lately. I’m pretty out of sorts, and while I’m sure one day I will wish I documented that fact, I’m doing it on my blog. One day, Sean will find all this and have a hayday.

So, early in to the SIP order, I asked John to get a new shower curtain at Target. We were on the phone while he was picking. I saw they had this cute one that said “Hello Sunshine” so, John picked up one. It stayed in quarantine for 3 days, then I went and put it up. Imagine my surprise when the words were upside down. We all got a good laugh, and it’s still up, doing it’s job. It reminds us that shit happens. We will get through. I hope we get through.

Scrapbook layout of my upside down shower curtain.

I used new paper again today. All summer papers from Simple Stories. Although there is a Box of Crayons 6×8 piece from Shimelle. So, I cut 2 pieces. I’m super happy with it. I love the little butterflies, put down with staples, thus my metal.

I hope you had a good day today. I didn’t even watch the news. Maybe that’s why my attitude is so much better.

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