LOAD520 – Day 29

What a day! I had my DAR meeting this morning. Sean had his speech teacher at 1. We went cherry picking again! We got Starbucks and went to the grocery store. I made an unexpected dinner. Kathy Ellen said she’d like to talk. I talked to Kathy Ellen until 11. During that time, I baked celebration bread, but I forgot to put in the fruit. Oh well.

Dang! It was a great day!

Abbey LOAD – Day 29 – Come Together and I Am The Walrus (songs)
Story: Scrapbook a story about something confusing, misheard, misunderstood or confusing.
Technique: Use question marks

I was clueless as to what to do. I printed out pictures of Sprinkle face down in my holiday Hershey Kisses, and was going to talk about how confused Sean was that she was like that. But, I was talking to Kathy Ellen. I miss Kathy Ellen. I felt like I could be helpful with Kathy Ellen, and she would accept my help. So, I baked bread and talked to Kathy Ellen. I realized at about 10:30 the layout I was thinking about wasn’t going to happen. I pulled a pre-made layout out of the reserves. I know, it’s kinda cheating. But only kinda. I made the layouts… Like 7 years ago. But still, I made them.

Scrapbook layout of Gwen, Sean, and friends cherry picking

I put pictures of Tamaiya, Aubrey, Sean, and I cherry picking on it. What a great time we had. Just being out. Talking to someone other than John, actually in their presence. Sigh. Just wonderful. The kids barely talked. They have such different interests. But that’s ok. Sean was glad he went. So was I.

I’m glad I talked to Kathy Ellen. I needed it. I’m not sorry I kinda cheated. Who cares. A layout is done. That is what was important. Those pictures were taped on at 11:15. Just inside the deadline. I feel wonderful.

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