ms. do, clean as can be!

i'm sure that daisy was cleaner on monday night, but here she is, in all her beautiful glory! … [Read more...]

the brain fails…

this morning i had to take daisy to the groomers before work. this is always a very tramatic event. the last time she went the the groomers, the rocker took her. god, that made my life so easy. but, since there is no rocker... i have to do it myself. of course, i was running late this morning. i just laid there awake for an hour before i got out of bed. what is that about? do i really just not want to go to work? that must be it. when i was finally ready, daisy and i went on our walk. … [Read more...]

one hot daisydo!

ok, so i may be her mom, but even when she is panting like a mad woman, she is cute as a button! daisy and i went to the dog park on saturday morning, and i remembered my camera! more pictures to come later on today. daisy in the shade silly dog trying to climb the fence having a rest... bodie wants a drink! can someone help? daisy and friends sniffing a way! no, you big dog! you aren't welcome in the small dog area! come on, you know you want to throw the ball for me! … [Read more...]

daisy, the poop eating dog.

today i put my next door neighbours trash cans out for her. she is on vacation and her recycle bins were really full. tonight, daisy and i went to bring the cans back in. daisy found some cat poop near the garage door. i pulled her away from it... she dropped what was in her mouth. thank god, i thought, trying not to step on the cat poop that was now in the drive way. i put daisy in the house so i could bring in the other can. i then made a HUGE mistake. i took her off leash. she … [Read more...]

queen daisy

needs this... … [Read more...]