the brain fails…

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this morning i had to take daisy to the groomers before work. this is always a very tramatic event. the last time she went the the groomers, the rocker took her. god, that made my life so easy. but, since there is no rocker… i have to do it myself.

of course, i was running late this morning. i just laid there awake for an hour before i got out of bed. what is that about? do i really just not want to go to work? that must be it.

when i was finally ready, daisy and i went on our walk. i then walked in the door, changed to my beige purse from my black and white flowered one (so it would match my outfit), then put daisy in the car and left.

what i left behind you might ask? my library books to return. my h2o for the day. my lunch (including the hard boiled eggs i made especially for my lunch today). good thing my parking permit was in my wallet. i might have forgotten that too. i also forgot to give daisy her breakfast.

daisy was uber bad in the car this morning. she was panting like a mad woman, and then running all over the car. she knew. how did she know? i never take her anywhere but the groomer in the morning. ever. maybe i need to start taking short car rides in the am with her to confuse her.

i told the groomer to give daisy some cookies if she seemed hungry. i’m such a bad mommy. good thing my neighbour is picking her up. i’ve got therapy tonight. god… i’m starting to really hate mondays.

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  1. I hope she recovered from the groomers okay! My mom’s cocker somehow knows the difference b/w the groomer trips and the fun trips. Weird.