Cadbury Mini Eggs

Are in stock at every local store I go to. It is evil, but very tasty. How come they are so good? How come they come at GSC time? … [Read more...]

Alameda Flea Market

Today, instead of doing my homework, I went to the huge Alamedia Art's and Antique show. Yes, it was HUGE. We walked for just over 3 hours. It was a beautiful day to be out. I am pretty sure that it was 65 degrees when we got there, 77 by the time we left. Bright blue skies, just what you would expect from a Northern California day. We got there about 10. There were tons of people there. Lots of rock-a-billy folks, all dressed in their vintage. I just love the look, I really do. As … [Read more...]

Family night

Daisy and I headed up to Mountain View last night for family night. It's the first time I've really been up there since I moved. I can't tell you how much I missed family night. We ordered pizza, ate moose tracks ice cream and watched Without A Paddle. It was so much fun. Daisy was so snuggly, she even sat on Tess' lap for a while. Tess is convinced that she can turn Daisy into a lap dog. HAH! I doubt that will ever happen. Brendan runs the Santa Clara County Cookie Cabinet for the Girl … [Read more...]

Free ice cream from Baskin-Robbins!

Did you hear about the free birthday ice cream? Did you? I didn't think so. So, sign into Yahoo! and get some ice cream. I'll be partaking tonight after GNO. … [Read more...]

Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is always a hard day for me. Normally, I don't have a date. (Actually, last year I had a date, and everything went wrong.) So, on Friday, when I got home from work, and saw a package waiting for me, I was surprised to say the least. I was thinking, I didn't order anything from Amazon. I opened it up and there was a little gift wrapped package... It said it was from a far away admirer. Hmm. Susanna! I have to admit, I opened it, even thought it wasn't Valentine's Day. She … [Read more...]

King Cake Baby!

On Tuesday, our Admin brought in a King Cake for Fat Tuesday. You know, I'm not Cathloic or anything, but I like a good piece of cake, any cake. So he tells me, just bite down slowly as you are eating... There is a baby in there somewhere, and who ever finds it has good luck for the year! Guess what? Does this mean my luck is changing? Maybe I should start dating now! … [Read more...]

That meme thing…

So last night I was still trying to think of my most embarrassing moment ever. I remembered one. Chris, Andrea and I went to see Deke Dickerson one night at The Blank Club. It was a while ago, before she got pregnant. It is well known to my group of friends that given the opportunity, I'd do Deke, in the van, outside the club. It's true. I would. So, it was a night I was wearing vintage, I had my hair done and my red lipstick on. I looked pretty good. The club was very busy that night. … [Read more...]

The meme thing answered…

Lushy asked me: 1. What is the last thing you laughed out loud at? I laughed out loud last night when the phone man made all the phones in my new house work, without charging me a dime! 2. If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, on a three hour cruise, who would it be? I'd invite Lady Jane Grey, Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think all these women had tons to offer, and maybe didn't get to do all they could have done. 3. What is your favorite place you have ever visited … [Read more...]

As if you don’t have enough to do…

Snidget suggests that we throw rocks at boys. I agree. Have at it. … [Read more...]

Doing the meme thing…

Stealing from Cheeky and Such a Pretty Face A. First, recommend to me: 1. A movie: 2. A book: 3. A musical artist, song, or album: B. Ask me three questions, no more, no less. You may ask me anything you want (however, I reserve the right to weasel out of answering if I feel its necessary!). C. Copy and paste this in your blog. … [Read more...]