it’s a tornado warning!

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tonight mom and i went to dinner with mike and kim (pictures later). we went to this cute little tapa’s place, mi luna. we decided to sit outside because it was so lovely (besides, the smoke is icky). all of a sudden, it started to rain. we thought, ok no big deal. then it got really windy and almost blew down the umbrella at our table.

kim said look at the birds! there were three pigeons trying to fly into the wind. they were flapping as fast as they could, but going no where! it was really funny. after we got pelted with rain for the 3rd time, we decided to sit inside.

we had the loveliest dinner, and the food was excellent.

the topic of conversation was the new diet i’m trying. eat right 4 your type. isn’t it funny, my blood type is b-. get it. be negative. that’s me. i made a funny. smile

off to galveston tomorrow.

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