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lucky girl, not so lucky sabercats

to be honest, on friday i had big worries for this weekend. BIG WORRIES. i don't know why. i shouldn't have, but i did. i think it was because the rocker and i would have gone away this weekend. well, we didn't. saturday morning, i went to the dog park with missey andrea. daisy was pissed. she sat on my lap for about 1/2 hour. she really does hate to go. olive and little miss heidi (picture tomorrow) did much better. actually, just olive did better. this was heidi's first time at the … [Read more...]

on feeling alone

this morning i've been working on a new skin... trying to make some text "stay put" while others move on a fixed background. so, i went roaming around to see if i could find someone who is already doing that, so i could "borrow" the css. in my travels, i found this: making friends as you age. wow. i've been trying to increase my friend base. i really have been. i'm not very good at it. i went to four different high schools, 3 different colleges, and i've changed jobs several times since … [Read more...]

it doesn’t really smudge…  really!

last weekend i purchased my first smudge pot. i was doing some retail therapy, and i thought it would be fun. little did i know that i was going to do 3 hours of crying. i went upstairs to fix my face to find... I WAS STILL WEARING EYELINER. i had no mascara left, but this eyeliner was in tact. i love this stuff. i now have 3 colors, grey, brown and plum (really purple). … [Read more...]

queen daisy

needs this... … [Read more...]


why does it make your pee smell? it's so weird. i've always wondered... does anyone know? … [Read more...]

helping out a neighbour

daisy and i walk alot. we walk 3 times a day, sometimes 4. we never walk far, but we always go out. most of the people who live in my "complex" know me... more importantly, they know daisy. daisy and i know most of the "dog" people. i know all the dog's names and such. on our walks, we often see the neighbours that live across the greenbelt from us. they don't have a dog, but really like daisy. they give her cookies. lots of cookies. about three weeks ago, i found out that the mom of … [Read more...]


i'd really like a new digital camera. one with zoom. i have a olympus D-320L... i'm finding that the pictures are fuzzier than i want, and i'd really like zoom. REALLY. i've been looking at the olympus c750. it looks like a good camera. it got excellent reviews. does anyone have a camera that they really enjoy, and takes good close up pictures as well as scenery shots? do you love it enough to recommend it? come on... tell me how to spend my $500 budget. forget tivo. i want a … [Read more...]

the 80/20 rule

83% of all e-mail is now spam. 83%. no wonder i hate opening my inbox. i think i've got it under control, then BAM! here comes more. what's even worse... if i didn't live in a country that speaks english, i might not get as much. Countries where English is widely used will always be a natural target for spammers as mass mailing in one common language is by far the easiest way for them to disperse their messages," said Mark Sunner, the chief technology officer at MessageLabs, in a … [Read more...]

planning a vacation

since there will be no trip to new york over the fourth (i'm thinking now there was never going to be a trip over the fourth, it was another lie), i've made vacation plans. i've bought an airline ticket to vancouver, i've made a hotel reservation, and i've been scoping out a day cruise. lucky for me, not only will i be there for canada day but, i'll also be there for the vancouver international jazz festival. i'm so excited. 30 days from today i leave for a very needed vacation. on a side … [Read more...]

feeling better

i've been working on boring things today... it's been helpful. i'm not swimming in self pity anymore. actually, i've been watching the guys build my new cube across the quad. my walls are really tall... i've requested a door. lets see if it shows. … [Read more...]