Archives for April 6, 2004

gigglechick, the perfect average jane!

you know, i got really angry during the first average joe. then i saw what happened on average joe 2. now, adam is no better than those nasty women. i think we need a REAL woman to go on NBC and show america how average people are... erin aka gigglechick should be average jane. god knows, a "pretty" woman isn't average, and the average man put in any situation with a "pretty" woman and a average woman would pick the "pretty" one. let an average girl show america how REAL women date, and … [Read more...]

am i sick, or do i just have allergys?

i've had this nasty sore throat since last sunday. that is 9 days of sore throat. can you say i'm sick of this sore throat? i went to urgent care on saturday, only to be told that i'm really not sick. isn't that pleasant? all i know is that i feel like shit. so, i've been knitting... trying to finish up all my old projects so that i can start a new one. my aran sweater is almost done, just about 3 inches left in the neck, and i'm done. thank god. i've only been working on it for a … [Read more...]