Archives for April 15, 2004

um, ouch!

mac over at thegofish finds the most interesting things. today she found this article about a man in romainia whose penis exploded. the article goes on to say: "I don't know what this couple were playing at, but there must have been tremendous pressure inside the penis to make this happen." just trying to imagine what the couple was doing is enough to scare me. i'd better not tell the rocker... he may grab his johnson in pain just from the conversation. … [Read more...]

pictures of the past

last night when i got home, i had a package from my father... i knew it was from my dad because of the handwriting... my dad has really distinct handwriting. anyhoo, i wasn't expecting anything, so i opened it. (actually i've been expecting a quit claim with his signature on it for the house, but that is another story) inside the package was a metal aol cd box, and inside that was an unmarked cd. god, is my dad weird. i took the cd upstairs and put it in the computer. and to my surprise … [Read more...]