Archives for April 10, 2004

it’s a tornado warning!

tonight mom and i went to dinner with mike and kim (pictures later). we went to this cute little tapa's place, mi luna. we decided to sit outside because it was so lovely (besides, the smoke is icky). all of a sudden, it started to rain. we thought, ok no big deal. then it got really windy and almost blew down the umbrella at our table. kim said look at the birds! there were three pigeons trying to fly into the wind. they were flapping as fast as they could, but going no where! it was … [Read more...]

i’m in houston

i made it to houston with no problems. actually, the flight was good, i took a little nap, watched radio and knitted some on the poncho i'm making for baby tabitha. mom is good. my aunt barbara is here. she has mellowed so much since the last time i saw her. we are really having a good time. i will say that i haven't found a yarn store. i was hoping to buy some new yarn while i was here. oh well. tonight we are having dinner with mike and kim. should be fun. no pictures today. maybe … [Read more...]