Archives for April 14, 2004

the six wives of henry viii

when i'm not watching hockey... or should i say, when the rocker is not watching hockey, i've been watching the six wives of henry viii on pbs. i didn't even know it was being developed! when i saw it listed on channel 9, i said, wait! i want to watch that! the rocker turned the station, then left the room after about 5 minutes... that episode was anne boleyn. i've seen most of them now. what an awesome series! i'm really enjoying it! when i finally saw the story of catherine of … [Read more...]

do i really need a laptop?

ever since reading about grace's wireless router, i've been dying to get a laptop so that i can blog from the couch down stairs. i'm thinking, i can watch tv, knit and blog all at the same time! talk about multi-tasking! so, i think i'm going over to the book store to do some pricing next week. i think i can afford it, if i watch my pennies (and stop buying art and dishes on ebay). hmmm... … [Read more...]