easter in galveston

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today we drove down to gavelston. it was a quiet drive… not much traffic. we drove past tiki island. wouldn’t that be a cool place to live, tiki island? i made all sorts of tiki jokes in the car. with a name like tiki island, why not laugh.

anyhoo… bj made a nice dinner for us. we went down to the strand, but it was pouring. i bought some taffy to take to work on tuesday at this old soda fountain… but that was all the shopping that happened. what a shame. i just love shopping.

bj lives in this lovely old victorian house, filled to the brim with furniture and paintings. her cats were very nice to me… it made me miss daisy a bit… actually i miss her a bunch. it’s hard to sleep with out her.

we took a drive around the island, but the rain was hard and heavy the whole time. not really condusive to sight seeing. mom and i came back to the hotel and watched mona lisa smile. i’ve seen it before, but i liked it just as much the second time.

tomorrow, i’m going home. i’m really not sure i want to go, but i have too… kathy would be really pissed if i didn’t come back. this little jaunt just proved to me how much i really need a vacation. two days just isn’t long enough, is it?

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