the six wives of henry viii

when i’m not watching hockey… or should i say, when the rocker is not watching hockey, i’ve been watching the six wives of henry viii on pbs.

i didn’t even know it was being developed! when i saw it listed on channel 9, i said, wait! i want to watch that! the rocker turned the station, then left the room after about 5 minutes… that episode was anne boleyn. i’ve seen most of them now. what an awesome series! i’m really enjoying it!

when i finally saw the story of catherine of aragon, i was totally enthralled. it is such an interesting story. she married henry’s brother, he died. she lived in exile (and near poverty) in england. like six years later her father in law dies, and she marries henry. she miscarries, has still born children, and children who die young. in the end, she has one daughter, “bloody mary”, and henry divorces her for a power hungry lady in waiting.

it’s so facinating. i hope pbs does david starkey’s elizabeth too. wow! i’m in tudor heaven!

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