pictures of the past

grandpa dapper and milton 1937last night when i got home, i had a package from my father… i knew it was from my dad because of the handwriting… my dad has really distinct handwriting. anyhoo, i wasn’t expecting anything, so i opened it. (actually i’ve been expecting a quit claim with his signature on it for the house, but that is another story)

inside the package was a metal aol cd box, and inside that was an unmarked cd. god, is my dad weird.

i took the cd upstairs and put it in the computer. and to my surprise there are about 35 pictures of my fathers family. my great-grand father, my great grand-mother, their kids, all from the 1920’s. what a shock! they looked so young! i sent a few of the oldest to my cousin paul, actually my dad’s second cousin paul (i think). paul’s grandmother was my great-grandfather’s sister.

he is going to the nursing home to see his mother tonight. we are hoping that she can put some more names to faces for us. isn’t this cool? and you know what? paul still lives in pittsburg, very near where our family used to live. why my dad doesn’t know him is beyond me. but, my dad’s cousin bobby does. but didn’t remember about him, until i brought it up to him.

finding your family is so weird. wonderful, but weird.

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