I’m having a morning!

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This morning, my alarm actually went off when it was supposed to. I guess that’s when I should have known to stay in bed. I got up, smiled at the fact that I could still tell i had asparagus for dinner last night, and put on my workout clothes. Then Daisy and I went for our morning walk, I opened her window, put food in her dish and blocked her from the front of the house. Then I even remembered to move the parking sticker to the other car, and I went to work.

At 7:05 am, I arrived in my parking space. I was so happy. I’d be able to work out for 45 minutes with no issue this morning. Then, I looked down to get my things. To my surprise, there was no purse. That’s right folks. I left my purse at home. No cell phone, no wallet, no badge, and no keys to get into my office. Lovely.

But that wasn’t really my first worry. My first worry was that there was going to be some lame-o student at the front desk of the gym, and he wouldn’t let me in. You see, going home really wasn’t an option. Really it wasn’t. By the time I got home, got ready and drove back, parking would be a massive issue. I needed to work out so that I could get ready.

As luck would have it my favorite student was at the desk, and he let me in. Yes, I still have a bit of luck. But not much. Because, much to my dismay, I forgot to bring a towel in. Yes, I had to decide if I was really wanting to go home for a second time!

BAH! I worked out anyway. I used my t-shirt as a towel. I am a committed worker-outer! Granted it had been a week, but still! I’m committed!

So, I’m sitting at my desk. I’m eating the oatmeal that I have stashed (and the Chex Mix Cheddar I brought yesterday), drinking my left over Diet Pepsi from yesterday thinking I am a damn lucky fool. I had better not let no purse and no towel get me down.

But then there is that Shirley Temple song going through my head…

Be optimistic!
Don’t you be a grumpy
When the road gets bumpy
Just smile, smile,
Smile and be happy!

Your troubles can’t be
As bad as all that
When you’re sad as all that
No one loves you

Be optimistic!
Don’t you be a mourner
Brighten up that corner
And smile, smile, smile

Don’t wear a long face
It’s never in style
Be optimistic
And smile!

Oh god, is it going to be a day!

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