New to me knitting mag!

So, I get this email from Stitch Diva, saying how nice it was to meet me at Stitches West. Hmm. Do I remember meeting anyone? Who knows. Anyway, I perused the site and saw this logo down at the bottom…

spun magazine logo

What is this I see? A new online knitting source for patterns? A Canadian Knitty! OH MY GOD! You know what they have a pattern for? Restraints. I know you don’t believe me… I didn’t believe it myself. I need to make these restraints. NEED to make them in a major way.

Oh my god people! Excitement abounds! Go give it a look. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


  1. hahaha. excitement abounds. get it? A BOUNDS? ha ha ha. wait, or is that excitement a BONDS? Oh, I kill myself sometimes.