Don’t Super Size me, really… continued

You know what? They haven’t found the body that goes with the finger yet. I bet this will be a CSI episode before you know it.

I’m thinking foul play. I’m thinking someone thought they could get away with something. I’m thinking… Glad it’s not me.


  1. I wondered what the finger thing was – now that I know, OMG!  I think I’d be consulting the attorney, a psychotherapist, and a good vegan dietician.
    EGADS, you eat there too!  I’m thinking I would MOVE, girl.

  2. You know, when I saw this on the local news I couldn’t change the chanel fast enough. Just creepy. And you’re right….how did it get in there? Where in the fuck did it come from? I can’t think about it much of I’ll get freaked out all over again!

  3. That is just freaky.

    Maybe it was a meat packer, up in North Dakota, who does not read the news?