Shoes, glorious shoes!

For weeks I’ve been dying to go shoe shopping. DYING. I’d spent a ton of time at the John Fluevog website, and I decided I needed to go to the Haight and check things out.

So Saturday, I drove up to the Haight. I got there at 11:00 am. Right after the stores opened. It was a glorious day. Mid-seventies, bright blue sky… Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I got a parking space! That was the best part. Parking in the Haight is a nightmare. I got a space 2 blocks from the Fluevog store. One block from Amoeba (which I didn’t visit, wrong sort of trip).

How happy was I when I walked into Fluevog? I tried on a dozen pairs of shoes. Some worked, some didn’t. In the end, I bought two pair. One was on sale:
One wasn’t:

Then the smart girl in me asked, where else should I look for shoes on the Haight. That sales girl was a dream! She told me about ShoeBiz at Masonic and Haight. Right next to Mothers Tatoos. So, that’s where I headed.

I got side tracked at Ambiance, where I purchased a pair of Steve Madden flip flops, a pair of pink and brown sunglasses, some cute earrings, and a purse to match. I will tell you that store is the best store! The sales girls were so helpful. Awesome things, awesome help, I’ll take you for a visit if you ever come to San Jose/San Francisco.

Finally, I ended up at the first of two ShoeBiz stores. I heard they have three, but I only found the two. At the first store, I picked up these cute Miz Mooz shoes in cream with black elastic bands across the top. Sorry, I haven’t found/taken a picture yet. Maybe tonight. They had them in black, which would have been perfect, but they were sold out. That was a big bummer.

At the second store, I found these cute brown and yellow Miz Mooz shoes. Much flatter than what I normally wear to work, but so cute, I had to buy them. Besides, they were on sale. You can’t hardly lose when the shoes are on sale, can you? They had these in black with white trim as well, but the brown and yellow were so different! Besides, remember the black and pink shoes from Fluevog? I didn’t need to buy TWO pairs of black shoes, right?

In the end, I spent WAY too much cash. Seriously. But I had the best shopping day that I’ve had in a long time. Believe you me, I felt like a million dollars, and I acted like I had a million. I love doing that. But, it will be until Christmas before I can act like that again. smile

(And, I spent what I would have spent on the rocker for his birthday, so I guess I’m not really out anything now am I? smile)

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    Now… I must get out there to go shoe shopping with you…

    And yes… Alaska… last week in July… I’ll check with the new boss and we can ink in some dates!

  2. love the shoes all of them


  3. Congrats, you bought more shoes on one day than my husband ownes grin

  4. I’m all about the shoes, and I love them all, but the pink & black ones?  They ROCK.  *love* them.  Fabulous.  They made me squeal.  You know, in the good way.