Archives for June 20, 2005

Wanted people to visit me in California!

I've been reading over at Snidget about her travels to meet other bloggers, then Cheeky did it too. How is it that I get in on this action? I want to travel to meet you guys! Or you can come visit me... The room is ready, remember? Ok, so I don't drink, but I get drunk by proxy, I promise! I promise a good time will be had by all, ok, once I get over the shyness thing. … [Read more...]

My dads fathers day…

Included this nice little incident... Apparently one of his neighbours hit his parked car, drove over his front lawn, hit a retaining wall, and broke the water main to his house. Not too bad, I think. I remember when I was 16, and I crashed my 1979 Buick Opel. He didn't talk to me for 3 months. When the neighbour came to his door telling him that there had been an accident, he hugged her and said (about his 2001 jaguar), it's just a car. You know, I would have loved to had that kind of dad … [Read more...]