Archives for June 4, 2005

Another weekend, another haul!

This weekend was the deco show. Normally I forget about the deco show, and remember the week after it happens. This year, I didn't forget, and I got Miz K to go with me. Miz K works down the hall from me. I was surprised she wanted to go, but I'm always up for company. I really was on a mission for things for the house. I wanted to find some cool artwork for the living room. I also needed some knick-knacks. I have this built-in book case that needs to be filled. When we finally got up … [Read more...]

I had a date with not one but TWO married men!

Tonight, I was on a mission. I needed to purchase a gas grill. I put one on hold last night at Target. Who would have known that I couldn't take a gas grill home when I wanted to. I picked a big grill, one that wouldn't fit in the car, and weighed 200 lbs. The guy laughed at me when I told him I had a 4 door sedan with no help at home. He said, get some help, and I'll have it waiting for you up front. Lucky for me, Missey Andrea's husband drives a truck. He lets me borrow it every when I … [Read more...]