I have smart family!

toren in the davis paperI’ve known for a very long time that my cousin Cindy’s son Toren was smart. A long time. When my mom and I went to Germany in 1997, you could see it. He was bilingual, German and English. He was doing very well in the German schools, surpassing all of the teachers expectations. On top of all that, he played soccer, and other european sports. He is just an all around, well rounded kid.

About a month ago, Toren got into Georgetown. Not only did he get in, he got a full scholarship. No student loans for this boy. He has a free ride, plus some. He will be studying international relations.

Last night, Toren was awarded The Gordon H. True Service Cup, for best representing the qualities of loyalty, service and citizenship at his highschool. The event made the Davis paper.

Toren is the first “grand child” to go to college. Let me tell you, his shoes are going to be very hard for any of the others to fill, or even exceed. I am so proud. My happiness cup runith over.

Go Toren, you deserve the best!

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  1. You are sweet to post this, thanks!

  2. Wow!!!  That’s amazing!  You should be very proud smile

  3. Pretty darn cool.