Sixteen Candles, revisited?  What?

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Rumour has it that Molly Ringwald is thinking about doing a sequel to Sixteen Candles. Ok, so that just sounds so weird. I mean really. I remember seeing Sixteen Candles at the movie theatre. (Yeah, I aged myself, who cares.)

I just don’t think I can picture it. But then, I guess we get to know if she really ended up with Jake. That could be fun. But who ended up with Farmer Ted? And, will he still have head gear? Also, how are they going to get John Cusack to come back and play such a bit part again? The questions, the questions… I think it’s almost a little too much to handle.

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  1. Oh, I hope they don’t.  They’ll just ruin it!  lol

  2. The rumor that I’ve heard is that there will be a sequel to Pretty In Pink.  I wonder which rumor is true.  I may need to look into this because I would watch either or both because I am a big dork.