For real, my spoil-a-blogger spoiled me!

my uber cool spoil-a-blogger gift!Now, I’ve been a very bad girl. I got my spoil-a-blogger gift on Wednesday, and I haven’t written about it. I wish I had a good excuse, but I don’t. I took my camera to work with me every day, but didn’t download the picture… You know, I was working, ok only kinda working… Needless to say, there really is no excuse.

However, I wanted you all to see that my spoil-a-blogger pal loves me very, very much. She wrote me the sweetest note telling me that I wasn’t taking proper care of myself, and I needed to start relaxing! Isn’t that the truth! She hit the nail right on the head! She sent these lovely candles that have this smell of candied apples, they are absolutely yummy!

She also sent lovely lavendar body wash and lotion, with yummy spray! It smells so good, and really put me mood to relax. She also included a gel eye mask to help with my relaxation. I am totally set for relaxation!

Today I finally found my “fun” reading books, and I’m headed off to the tub… I’m lighting my candles, I’ve chilled my mask, and I’m going to sit my happy bootie in the tub until my headache goes away. smile

Thank you so much “Mme. Worthington”, you knew exactally what I needed! You totally rock!


  1. I think your secret pal is on to something. Relax and pamper yourself a bit!

  2. Wow! What a haul. Where can I get in on this “Spoil A Blogger?”

  3. Great bounty…I got my bounty too- I am so lucky to have a great secret spoiler! If you do this again I am SO in on it!!!