98% done!

On Saturday, my kitchen got doors.  I can’t tell you how nice my kitchen is.  Really, I can’t.  I have yet to have an opportunity to work in it.  Between my different classes, and mini personal life, I’ve barely been home to spend any time in it.  My mom tells me that it is lovely.  There is so much counter space that it’s hard to chose where to work.  It’s very zen in there, except for the can lights.  They make the whole … [Read more...]

Wanna know why I laughed that my dad’s car got crashed?

I asked him if he wanted to have dinner Saturday night. I'm kinda feeling bad I didn't do anything for him on fathers day, so I thought we could have dinner. {My dad didn't even tell me he was in town for fathers day, so I shouldn't feel that bad} Wednesday, I called, he said, "Sounds fine... I'll call you later and confirm." Friday around noon I get a message from him saying that he was at DFW wating for his flight, which was delayed, to Detroit. No explanation or anything... Just that … [Read more...]

Letting the realtor go.

After much discussion and a ton of frustration, my mom and I let our realtor go. It's kinda sad really. Neither mom or I could figure out who he was working for. It was like we would find something to put a bid in on, and he would talk us out of it. Then he would make excuses later as to why. This last time, and the time before, the other agent was playing games. Who knows who was playing games. I don't. Later on in the day, I get a call from his boss apologizing for what happened, and … [Read more...]

Mom is gone.

I was pretty lucky about my trip to New Orleans. My mother decided to come home about the same time for doctors appointments. That meant that Daisy didn't have to stay with neighbours, she got to stay at home, where she is much more comfortable. I dropped mom's car off in the short term parking at the airport on Sunday morning. She picked it up on Monday evening. It worked out beautifully. Daisy spent 2 days (1 night) with Carol, and then my mom took care of her until I got home. My mom … [Read more...]

a sense of relief

it's really strange. i've been cranky for 2 or 3 weeks. actually, i think ever since my dad's heart attack. i've not really wanted to be around people, but yet, i've been hating not having things to keep me busy. this week, i was so angry. i haven't been this angry since may. i ranted around, trying to blow off steam. on thursday, i worked out so hard that i thought the machine was going to kick me off when my heart rate reached 166. i ate things i shouldn't have eaten. but, i never … [Read more...]

what a hellish week

i'm so glad that my week is finally over. i'm glad my dad is better, or on his way to better... it makes things easier. now i have to go to the therapist and answer to all the stupid things i did. all the things that are counter productive to my emotional well being. the rocker thing, the dad thing... i may not be happy with what happened at the hospital. but i'm not upset with calling the rocker. i like having things hit me upside the head. i like reminders that i made the right … [Read more...]

lessons learned

here is what i learned this weekend in a nutshell. get the full story from an impartial party don't give into guilt, emotion, or hysteria... stand your ground let someone else handle it. it will get done, even if you don't do it. if you feel a personal pity party coming on, take a walk until it goes away no one takes care of you but you. when your gut tells you to leave, LEAVE when your best friend tells you to leave, LEAVE RIGHT NOW there is a time and a place for everything people who love … [Read more...]

mortgage issues with the ‘rents

so here we go again. mom wants to get dad off the property, and to do this, mom has to refinance the house and the second. dad wants to be off the property, but only if his name is off the second. mom can't refinance until dad is off the property. it's a huge frickin' mess. i hate being in the middle of these matters. i hate it. it drives me batty. i don't have any say. i don't have any control. one calls me to do one thing. the other calls for something else. it drives me batty. of … [Read more...]

mar’s birthday

today, may 11 is my sisters birthday. happy birthday mar. i hope you had a nice day. … [Read more...]

orlando, for space not mickey

back when mar was still married to david, the whole family took a trip to orlando. i remember being sick to death of david, my mother and the boys. i was tired of the heat, and the humidity. as far as vacations go, it is pretty far down the list. but there was one thing that i did in orlando that my family didn't do. i went and watched a night lauch of the space shuttle. it was the most incredible thing i have ever seen. i remember the day that we went to kennedy. it was davids birthday, and one … [Read more...]