LOAD 520 – Day 2

It's beyond hard to realize that we have been in this house for 7 weeks. Seven weeks. Breathe. Seven joyful weeks. Seven weeks full of complaining about school work. Seven weeks of avoiding reading. Seven weeks of the question "can I play Fortnight." Over and over again. But, I digress. Beatlemania: Story: Something you were/are crazy about; Technique: Subtitle/caption a photo on your page Well. I'm crazy about Sean, right? And he is crazy about Fortnight. One thing John and I … [Read more...]


It is amazing what kids cling to.  It really is.  There are days when I hear "butt" or you said "butt" or you said "bootie" for no less than 4 hours a day.  To say that my son is infatuated with the human body would be a understatement.  Based upon experiences with his friends, I believe this is absolutely normal 7 year old boy behaviour. So when we went to Edinburgh Castle, I played devils advocate.  I suggested to Sean that not only are the guards wearing skirts...  They are not wearing, … [Read more...]

Our Loch Ness Adventure

Sometimes there are stories that you are sure that you have told... And then you have realized that you have not. I knew I talked about this story on Facebook recently. It was all about how inappropriate I was this day. We had decided that this was a day to just look around Loch Ness, and see what it was about. We said, should we go left or right. From where we were, we chose left. Left as we soon found out was a slower road, with less traffic and fewer tourist traps. Great … [Read more...]

Climbing the Lions at Nelson’s Column

Picking stories to scrapbook from our trip has been tough. There are so many to choose from, and there are so many types.  There are big stories, like jumping from 11 meters, and little stories like this one...  This day was so busy.  We visited the Memorial to the London Fire in the morning.  Hopped on the off and off bus.  Visited the biggest bookstore in London.  Walked to the National Portrait Gallery (where the two paintings I wanted to see were NOT there).  Got back on the off and on bus … [Read more...]

NO! NO! NO! yes!

While we were on vacation, we were always looking for fun things that we could all enjoy. When we saw the signs for Ben Nevis, and gondola and ropes course, we said "awesome! something for the whole family." We found out when we got there that there was really only time for us to do one thing. The gondola ride or the ropes course. John and I really wanted to do the gondola. Sean wanted the ropes course. So, of course, we did the ropes course. Or Sean did the ropes course. It's not really our … [Read more...]

SHARK bait at Seacliff State Beach

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to visit my cousin Angie over in Aptos. This day, I begged her to let us visit. She was working on costumes for the 4th of July parade, and welcomed the help. After we finished creating a large shark for Dereck, we decided to walk down to the beach. There were great white shark warnings that day at Seacliff, and we were hoping to see some fins.  The kids were excited at the prospect of seeing sharks, but after 10 minutes of looking they … [Read more...]

Summer Lovin’

One of the great things about not working in the summer time is that you have lots of opportunities to hang out with cousins and friends! Yesterday we were hanging with my Aunt Dee, my girl cousins, and their kids.  We had a great time at the Morgan Hill Aquatic Center.  They have a shallow pool, two water slides, and then a area for play with water squirting above your head.  It's perfect for kids. Sean just loves his second cousins.  He really loves one of the boys in particular.  This … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Nineteen, my love letter

You know, sometimes I'm right on track with the prompts, and sometimes, I'm ahead.  I'm ahead this LOAD.  Today's prompt, what do you want to be when you grow up.  Hmph.  I remember doing a LO for the first past perfect that was what I wanted to be when I grew up.  And then for this LOAD I did a page about Sean wanting to be a ninja.I'm not feeling like going on a trip down memory lane to find a photo to talk about something I'm not sure about anymore. However, I've was watching Lain's … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Eighteen, we really waited 2.5 hours?

Today we were prompted to talk about our dentist.  Now, if you remember that on Day 14 I talked about Sean's first loose tooth, and his first tooth to leave his mouth.  I just wasn't feeling this prompt.  I could talk about the fact that I've had the same dentist since I was 20, because the old dentist hit me.  I could talk about my first dentist who thought braces would be purely cosmetic.. Nope, no dentist for me. A recent thing that Sean and I did that was particularly painful was when we … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Sixteen, sk8er

Day 16, hmmph.  Let me just say, I know that Lain loves the hard prompts.  She wants you to tell the hard stories.  I get that.  Today's prompt...  the naughty chair.  She wants us to talk about punishments when we were little.  Yeah.  Not going there.  Who wants to talk about being hit.  I don't.  I get that some of the stories that surround getting in trouble are good stories.  I constantly got in trouble for things that my sister said I did.  And that I may have done because of her constant … [Read more...]