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back to vancouver

mom and i came back to vancouver early. we decided not to go to the bouchart gardens. 540 acres of walking just wasn't going to work for her. we decided to go to the crystal garden instead. it was lovely. there was a butterfly room, and we watched two butterflys hatch. wow! we also saw parrots, lemurs, flamingos, and tons of flowers. i just wish that i had my computer with me so that i could post some pictures. the bummer of the day was not being able to rent the vespa. i really wanted … [Read more...]

high tea at the empress

after our adventures on sunday, our days could only get better. today, surpassed my wildest dreams. tea at the empress hotel in victoria is a once in a lifetime experience. it was incredible. mom and i dressed, because that's what they told me when i called to make reservations. when we got there, we found that people really didn't have to dress. we were glad we made the effort anyway. we had a window seat viewing the victoria bay. they served us fresh strawberries and cream to start, … [Read more...]

is the tenderloin really in vancouver?

mom and i arrived in vancouver last night. our flight was delayed so we didn't get here untill 8:40. we hopped in a cab, and our cab driver said he knew where our hotel was so, we didn't pay much attention... as we are driving down the street that our hotel is on, we see this xxx bookstore and rainbow flags. i asked if this was the "gay" part of town. the cab driver said yes, and said but things are nicer as you get closer to the water. he then took us to a hotel that wasn't ours. hmm. … [Read more...]

we have a winner!

i can't believe that the winner of my little what is it contest is from norway. can you believe it? norway. jarle guessed correctly that it is a morris minor 1000. when my dad first started looking for cars for me to drive, he couldn't believe the large variety of cars that were available in california. in michigan, you have salt on the roads in winter. all that salt and water just rusts cars away. in california, you have none of that. so if you take care of your car, your car sticks … [Read more...]

home again, naturally…

i haven't eaten anything but saltines and ginger ale for the past 48 hours. my tummy is still a mess. so, this morning i went to the doctor. he told me that i could eat some toast with jam, and to water down the ginger ale, i'm just going to stick with water. he gave me some prescriptions. we shall see if things get better. then they took blood. i hate needles. hate them. i didn't even cry, i screamed, but no tears. i think they took 3 vials. i got light headed (go figure, i've not … [Read more...]

what is it, part 2

when my family moved from michigan to california way back in the mid 80's, i had to give up my 1979 opel isuzu. i was bummed. i was told there was no way it would pass california emmissions. so, when we got here, my dad and i started looking at cars. we only looked at cars that were less than $1000. preferably less than $500. we saw a beautiful pontiac barracuda, a 1960's model mini cooper, a volvo 544, volkswagon bugs... we also looked at one of these. i still wouldn't mind having one. … [Read more...]

reading, reading, reading

i've finished a couple of books on my list now. i thought i would just say a few words about my recent "chicklit" reads. the accidental virgin by valerie frankel. i give it 8 daisies in the garden. it was a quick and easy read. lots of sex. actually, the book happened over a week... the heroine almost got some from a different person each day. yeah, like i believe that could happen. wait, maybe it could happen, just not to people like me. hmm. anyhoo. if you need a quickie, give it a … [Read more...]

can you guess?

i went home early with the same tummy issues. in the parking lot at safeway, i saw this... anyone care to guess what it is? lets see, should there be a prize? yes... there shall be a prize... a postcard from vancouver if you can guess what this is! email your answer (and/or your address if you want a postcard from my vacation) to daisydo 'at' gmail 'dot' com. thanks to theresa for the gmail account! … [Read more...]

daisies on campus!

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one hot daisydo!

ok, so i may be her mom, but even when she is panting like a mad woman, she is cute as a button! daisy and i went to the dog park on saturday morning, and i remembered my camera! more pictures to come later on today. daisy in the shade silly dog trying to climb the fence having a rest... bodie wants a drink! can someone help? daisy and friends sniffing a way! no, you big dog! you aren't welcome in the small dog area! come on, you know you want to throw the ball for me! … [Read more...]