do i really have it “going on”

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i went to the sabercats game alone again yesterday. actually, it wasn’t that bad. i went late, but still got the free gift, a cow bell. the noise level in the arena was 210 decibles. it was so loud.

during the third period, i went to get a break from the noise. i decided to go get a sundae (one of the benefits of having arena club seats). i’m sitting there, minding my own business watching the game on tv. when this guy starts a conversation with me. lets just say this. guys don’t usually start conversations with me.

he was asking me about the noise, and if i was liking the game. that kind of thing. then he said, i’ll let you enjoy the game, and walked away. two seconds later he comes back and invites me to go to this comedy club on tuesday nights. he told me that it was for people 26 and over, you know adults. i said yeah, i don’t understand kids these days… i feel so old! he said, “don’t worry. you’ve got it going on”.

OH MY GOD. some guy said i had it going on! i said thanks, i’d try to make it. he left again. then two seconds later he comes back and gives me ear plugs.

ok, so i don’t know what i was doing different this day than any other day, but yesterday, “i had it going on”.

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  1. Yay! You should try and make it on Tuesday!

  2. GO!
    Or I’ll stab you with a spork on Saturday.

  3. You go! Also – I love Arena Football. We are AF2 here, Tennessee Valley Vipers – and I love them. But I HATE the cowbells….eek.

  4. Dang. He doesn’t even know that you’re smart, too. Get ready for him to excuse himself for a minute so he can freshen up his Dockers? under the hand dryer.

    Then again, if it’s a comedy club, he may just make a joke out of it.

    Wow. Look at the time…

  5. Don’t question it. Revel in it. wink