moving day

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today, our office moved from one side of the building to the other. it’s been an icky process. icky.

not that i like work, but it’s been one more “lets not tell gwen what is going on” thing. whacha going to do. not much. go with the flow and move on.

lucky for me, i didn’t have much to move, and i’m already set up. other people are still moving stuff. it’s crazy the amount of stuff that they have in this office. boxes and boxes of personal stuff. i moved everything in 4 paper boxes. it took some people 3 days just to go through their crap. i decided after my second layoff you don’t have more stuff at your desk than you can easily carry out at a moments notice. they haven’t figured that out yet.

i remembered to bring my cable to work today, so lucky you get to see my cube. fun. it looks like i’m a computer geek… wait, i just may be. this is what you see when you look into my cube...
this is what you see when you actually come into my cube a bit.
this is what you see when you make a hard left, and this is the computer i use most.

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