Poor Poor Nik

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So last night, Cowboy did the unthinkable… He evicted Nik. Now, I know that he said that he was keeping his word to Diane. I know this. But, I believe that he has been lied to. There is no way that Diane isn’t going to take Drew to the final two. I just don’t see it. She thinks she is “in love” and that Drew is the man for her. Yeah, ok, like long term romantic relationships are formed in the Big Brother House. I’ll go with that.

So, the only hope Cowboy has is if Drew dumps Diane. Now, I see that could happen. I think Drew has been playing Diane the entire game. I think Drew really can’t wait to get Diane out of his life.

So, if Cowboy had picked Nik, would Cowboy make it to the final 2? You know, I think he might have. You know, Nik was aware that Drew and Diane had something going… I think she would have said that Drew was lazy and slept all the time and there fore didn’t deserve to be in the final 2.

Unfortunately, we will never know. The person who should have won the game is on her way to the sequester house. Poo. Damn it Cowboy, how could you do it. We know why she wanted you out, by why were you so mean to her? The whole game you were mean to her. Shame Cowboy, shame.

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  1. I was so hoping Nik would win. None of the people in the game right now would have my vote if I was on the jury!

  2. Nik was my choice too. Of the three that are left—anyone but Cowboy. His whining a couple of shows ago about how Drew should have let (LET!) him win HoH finished things off for me.

  3. Wouldn’t you love to see the reunion of Nik and Cowboy?  I’d love to hear what she says to him!

  4. Marvin was my first choice to win, then nik…every year no matter what, the ones i want to win never do. cowboy does whine and he is a snitch, but i honestly cant stand siane so if he wins, its better then her. i really thought he would be smarter and leave nik in the house because he should know that no matter what, diane wouldnt have picked him over drew. good thing diane didnt win hoh this last week.