Archives for August 2004

Working at work

It's quite intersting lately. When I'm at work, I really want to work. Sounds strange, doesn't it? I know it sounds strange to me. Normally, I've got an hour or two of figeting time. Then I have to watch the BB5 talk show with Marcellas... By the time I get my act together, it's almost 11. This week, and the end of last week, I've felt like I can concentrate. Isn't that funny? Believe me, after a pretty dry summer, it's nice to want to work. Now, I've got a couple of things on my plate, … [Read more...]

I’m STILL not comfortable with that

People really don't like hearing "I'm not comfortable with that" from me. Tonight my weirdo neighbour wanted me to watch his 120lb golden for him over the holiday week. I don't even like this neighbour. He always calls my house and asks for "Brenda", like my name is "Brenda". I had already told him that I was going to be on vacation for part of that time. Then he said, well maybe you could play with him in the evenings. Yeah, right. Like after I get home after being gone for 12 hours, I … [Read more...]

Susanna is getting married!

Susanna from Poodle Circus is getting married this week. I know she is going to be a beautiful bride. Congratulations Susanna! … [Read more...]

a sense of relief

it's really strange. i've been cranky for 2 or 3 weeks. actually, i think ever since my dad's heart attack. i've not really wanted to be around people, but yet, i've been hating not having things to keep me busy. this week, i was so angry. i haven't been this angry since may. i ranted around, trying to blow off steam. on thursday, i worked out so hard that i thought the machine was going to kick me off when my heart rate reached 166. i ate things i shouldn't have eaten. but, i never … [Read more...]

bahama mama update

so, it's been 3 full weeks since i started my workout routine. this morning i went 2.3 miles on the lifestyle elliptical trainer. i burned 320 caleries, and kept my heart rate about 152 or so. as of tuesday, i'm down 9 pounds. i'm wishing i had done measuring, because i know my clothes are all fitting differently. some (including the infamous pair of jeans) are entirely too loose. i know i've not been good about writing my food down here, but i have almost 5 weeks of food journaling in my … [Read more...]

crankyness continued…

so i've really been too cranky and feeling too censored to write as of late. so, i've been doing a bit of guest posting. i talked about the california garage sale over at ihaveacrazywife. and then i talked about the hippie dictionary over at bitchalicious. it's not helping the crankyness... but my lunch with miss anne-a-belle did. yummy pizza chicago bbq chicken pizza with a salad. boy, _real_ friends make everything that much better. don't you think? … [Read more...]

blogmoxie sweepstakes!

the talented divas over at blogmoxie are having a sweepstakes for a free skin! have you ever wanted to try a bit of moxie? this is a great opportunity to try some for free! it simply requires your email address... what do you have to lose? NOTHING! go ahead, sign up... i did! … [Read more...]

friday night

so, as you may or may not know, friday night is the absolute worst night of the week for me as a person. it is the one night i'm alone, when none of my friends want to do something... there is no big brother, no decent television, and who wants to go out on friday night alone. so, here is my plea... if you live ANYWHERE in the bay area and would like to do something this friday night, get in touch with me. i'm up for just about anything legal, and i promise, i'll leave the cranky gwen at … [Read more...]

bye-bye will, hello karma!

if i ever hated adria before, i really hate her now. i mean really... how could she do it? how could she take down will? nasty wench of a girl! but now, the "powers that be" have given the hoh to nik. thank god! we all know what she should do, put those nasty wonder-twins up. god, they are so evil. i think that the only way to ensure that one of them goes is to put both of them up! and for the record, will's comment upon leaving: "if karma is a boomerang, i'll be seeing you sooner than … [Read more...]

bb5 tonight!

i'm really excited for bb5 tonight! i have no idea who is going, but a and natalie had better be on the block. that's all i have to say about that. … [Read more...]