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Just in case anyone cares, I hate both the finalists of bb5. I can’t belive that Drew worked Diane over like that. I can’t believe that Cowboy is in the finals. I don’t even think I can stand to watch bb5 Tuesday night.

Amish in the City season finale is Tuesday night at the same time. I think I’m watching that instead. I don’t want to see those bb5 people anymore. Those girls let those boys work them over, and I hate it. Bah.

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  1. I know how you feel, last year I hated the fact that it was Jun and Alison left as the winners…I didnt want to watch it anymore. They just manipulated their way to the end and I hated it. I really didnt like Diane all that much, and Marvin and Nik were the only ones I really wanted to see at the end but, it never works out the way I want it to. Cept for bb1, I was glad when Eddie won. Did you catch teh first season? When it was the audience who determined who would be evicted each week…I guess it wasnt really fair though because we could see all of the back stabbing going on and we actually voted for the one who deserved it the most. I think they should bring a little of that back…I mean not every week, but maybe one or two weeks surprise the hg’s and let us determine who is nominated and leaves.

  2. I hate them both – but I also hated Diane – – so I guess it didnt matter. Blah. Another season wasted. Hmph.