MAX 2004 - Day 2

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{senseless rant}
Just so we are clear… The Hilton Riverside sucks. I rented that laptop so I could blog every minute of every day, and do you think I can get on to their network? HELL NO. I’ve called tech support 5 times, and still no internet.

and, I lost my book. I 3/4’s done and I lost my book.
{/senseless rant}

Day Two at MAX. Blogging from the conference floor.

There are a ton of people here, and I’ve been trying very hard to be social. I’ve given away 2 business cards. One girl Amy is a knitter. I think we might ditch sessions one day and go to the yarn store. That sounds like a blast to me!

Class today was like 3 classes slammed into one 7 hour session. I am sure my brain hurts, but not in the right way. I’m really frustrated that it took 6.5 hours to get to the part I wanted to learn, then we breased over it. Damn it. It felt like a huge waste of time. ranted, I shouldn’t be scared to try Flash when I get back to the office… I just really wanted to see the whole picture put together. In the end, I got an error message. I never did get to see it work. I did however tell the teacher why he was getting error messages when we got to the ColdFusion part. I felt uber smart.

I think the class would have done much better with more imput from the users who signed up for it. I thought it needed more structure. I could be wrong, but that’s what I thought.

Tonight is the Welcome Reception. All the vendors are here, there is a ton of food, and LOTS of beer. Programmers are big drinkers. Wait, I’m a programmer, and I don’t drink. Ok, so male programmers are big drinkers. Most people are smiling, really looking like they are having a good time. I know I am. I keep seeing the girls that I met, and I say hi. It’s nice to recognize a face. I think it will be better tomorrow when I should have some dinner company. Dan and his wife Jeanette will be here by then.

I think I’m going to go find dinner.

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