Archives for November 17, 2004

10 days away and the par-tay is already started

My birthday is always a hard time for me. I don't know why. Actually, I think it is because it is around Thanksgiving. Try having a birthday party on Thanksgiving weekend. It isn't fun. Honestly, I was trying to get out of having a gno party thing. I figured if I was away at DisneyLand for the gno on the 24 and planned shopping on the 1st that we really wouldn't have to deal with it. The event would just pass. Boy howdy, was I surprised when I showed up a bit late to girls night tonight. … [Read more...]

Why does new equipment at the gym make me not want to go?

Last Wednesday the fitness center at San Jose State got 6 new eliptical trainers. They are by StairMaster. They are one of the machines that also does arms. I HATE THIS MACHINE. I hate it. It is the hardest, unmotivating machine that the fitness center was trying. Apparently, when I first got my membership, the fitness center was trying out different eliptical trainers to decide which ones to purchase. I liked two. The Precor EFX and the Life Fitness 95Xi. I would alternate between the … [Read more...]

25 bags of my life in clothing.

Part of getting ready to move included my mother calling my cousin Cindy to come down and help me "get rid of the clutter." What this meant to my mother was, "Gwen has too much shit, won't get rid of it, and I know Cindy will." So, knowing what had to happen, I allowed 25 bags of clothing to go to GoodWill on Sunday. Jones New York suits. At least 10 Jones New York suits. Granted, I couldn't wear a one because they were too big, but still. Beautiful wool skirts and pants that coordinated … [Read more...]