MAX2004 - Day 3

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I’m currently missing general session. I hate general sessions usually. The are really loud and rah-rah. I’m not in the mood for rah-rah.

Last night I had another awesome dinner. I went to some resturant on Magazine Street. I wish I could remember what it was called. I had this incredible crab au-gratin. ok, YUMMY. I can’t even explain, but i think it was crab, some sort of cheese and a few odd mushrooms. It was so rich I couldn’t finish it. I had Pecan Crunch Ice Cream for dessert. It was to die for. Last night was the second night that I got free dessert. I like that… Free dessert.

Apparently, it is a southern tradition. If a single woman goes to have dinner alone, the resturant gives her free dessert. Who would have known? I didn’t. But, I do like this tradtion. But, I do have to get the girl at the desk in the hotel to help me pick less expensive dinner options. I’ve spent my entire food allowance for the day each night at dinner… and that is with free dessert. And, I don’t drink. There have to be some cheaper places to go. God I hope so. Maybe tonight.

Todays morning sessions were good. I thought the first, Dreamweaver Killer Tips was excellent. I learned 4 or 5 things that I didn’t know about. I can’t wait to start using them. The second, ColdFusion Performance Tips and Tricks was much harder for me to follow. But I did get some interesting things to try. He really suggested indexing your queries. It’s something I’ve been thinking of trying, but haven’t. I’m going to as soon as Renuka gets back from vacation.

This afternoon I have two hands on trainings, and I’m really excited. I am ready to learn about optimizing my web graphics, which is my next session. I guess I’d better go to general session. I might be missing something.

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