MAX 2004 - Day 4 continued…

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Wednesday night at Max was Mardi Gras World. The shuttle bus started taking us over at 7:30. The activities/event wasn’t that different than the event they had in Washington DC, when I went with Dan all those years ago. They had people doing caricatures, tarot card and palm readers, psychics and the like. There were appetizers, and more alcohol than I’ve seen in a long time. Ok, well, than I’ve seen since the welcome reception.

Most people were having a good time, but I think both Karen and I wanted to go sit at the bar again and flirt with the bartender (whose name is Darrin). They had a parade go through the building, complete with a marching band and floats. They even had police escort. Very fun. I saw Dan and Jeanette there. They looked like they were just as ready to go as I was.

When we got back to the hotel (about 9:45), Darrin was working and Karend and I sat down. We really were having fun flirting with him. It was about that time I found out he was married. That was a huge bummer. He was such a fun guy, and since he had asked Karen to go with him and have drinks after work on Tuesday, I had just assumed he was single. Nope I was wrong. However that didn’t stop me from flirting.

Just after 11:15, the bar exploded. All the Macromedia people came back to the hotel, and they weren’t done drinking. Both Karen and I were hoping to go out with Darrin after work, but things weren’t slowing down. It wasn’t until close to 12:45 that the bar cleared out.

Just about midnight, a guy named Rob sat down next to Karen. We three had some conversation, but mostly he was talking to her. That was fine. I was pretty tired by this point, and I was ready to go to bed. By the time Darrin got off, I had decided not to go out. Darrin asked Karen and I to stick around for a minute, and he brought Karen and I beads. I got really good beads. I decided that I would really rather go to bed than watch Karen and Darrin drink, so I went up to my room.

Within 10 minutes of me being in my room, the phone rang. It was Rob asking me to go back out and find Karen and Darrin. It didn’t take much convincing. I got out of bed, and went with Rob to find them.

I ended up spending the rest of the evening with Rob. He was a nice guy… I know lots of random stuff about him, but I wouldn’t know how to get in touch with him. Thats sad. He might have had friendship potenital. But, no last name makes it hard to contact someone.

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  1. Just a theoretic question: oh, God, why all cool guys are married or gay?

  2. Well Gwen, there’s always next year’s MAX conference to get all that pertinent info.