MAX 2004 - Day 5

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Today I was tired. Really tired. I’ve not stayed up so late in a long time. However, I decided that this was the day to go to the yarn store. I had picked three to look at, but decided after reading reviews at fiberphile, that I would only go to one. The Garden District Needleworks. It was a great store. Lots of more inexpensive yarns than at my local yarn store. I ended up getting almost $100 worth of yarn. I bought Reynolds Lopi Light, which I’ve heard about but never seen, Cascade 220, Brown Sheep Naturespun, and a couple more. I think I bought enough to make 5 more purses.

I also got an interesting tip. One of the girls in my GNO group is allergic to wool. So, I picked up some 100% cotton. The sales person told me to use regular thread as like an extra strand so that the cotton wouldn’t stretch once it was knitted. It’s really supposed to stableize it. Isn’t that interesting. I’m going to try it for a purse.

I was going to pick up some cherry hill yarn, but at $40 a skein, I decided to put it back. I really wanted a Lousiana yarn. They didn’t have any. Since I didn’t feel like going anywhere else, I decided to do without.

I took the bus back over to the hotel’s side of town. By this time I was starving. I stopped at Mothers for a sandwich. It was so good. Roast Beef, Ham, some sort of salad, god only knows what all was on that sandwich. I could only eat 1/2 of my 1/2 sandwich. It was so tasty. I totally recommend Mothers. Yummy stuff, and cheap. Very helpful.

When I got back to the hotel, Karen was back from session, and we were going to take Darrin out for a thank you dinner. Darrin ended up going home to his wife (very smart idea on his part). Karen and I went to Bourbon Street. We went early, like 6.

My primary mission was to find a voodoo store. We found one. I bought 3 voodoo dolls for my GNO friends (why I never get myself one is beyond me. But I never do, I always buy 3.) I also got a “come to me” candle. I’m going to try and get a boy. After my reading with the tarot card reader (who said I was going to get what ever I wanted in life, I just had to ask for it), I figure if I really want a man in my life, I need to ask for the right things to make it happen. Maybe the candle will help, you never know.

{off topic}
The reader said that I needed to write these things down. Focus on two, and all the rest would come too. I just need to get to the point where I can be concice. I said to myself before I got to New Orleans that it would be great to meet someone and I did, it just wasn’t the kind of thing I thought I wanted. I wasn’t concice about what I wanted. Thus, I’m taking my time writing down what I want so that I can make sure I’m not dissapointed.
{/off topic}

We had dinner at Pat O’Briens. It was ok. Nothing special. No, I did not have a hurricane. I didn’t even have dessert. That was wrong. I should have. But, I really was tired and wanted to go back to the room. So, we went back.

We sat at the bar for awhile, but it wasn’t the same. I went to bed.

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