Mom is gone.

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I was pretty lucky about my trip to New Orleans. My mother decided to come home about the same time for doctors appointments. That meant that Daisy didn’t have to stay with neighbours, she got to stay at home, where she is much more comfortable.

I dropped mom’s car off in the short term parking at the airport on Sunday morning. She picked it up on Monday evening. It worked out beautifully. Daisy spent 2 days (1 night) with Carol, and then my mom took care of her until I got home.

My mom is very excited motivated to sell the house. When I got home she had been talking to handy men, painters and the like. She said we had to go to Home Depot so we could get things for the house that we are now going to sell. We bought a new kitchen faucet (oh my is it nice), a range hood that matches the appliances (not the nasty brown/rusty color we had before), knobs for the kitchen cabinets, and a new light ficture for the stairwell. I was impressed. She also got things for her room (which she is never in). She got new bedding and lamps. We didn’t spend much, but what we did spend will go a long way.

We have picked a day for the house to go on the market, December 8th. I’m a bit nervous about it. I’m very scared that I won’t be able to find something to move into. The market is so tight here. There are 10 – 12 offers on even the icky houses. Houses that need thousands of dollars of work. I wonder if we really should be selling… But then my agent is not helping any. He makes tons of excuses of why we shouldn’t have bid on something. We lost a chance at another house over the weekend. It is very irritating. I have hunches, and they are ignored.

I told my mom that we needed a new agent. She didn’t have time to get us a new one, so now we are stuck. Mom signed the preliminary paperwork to put the house on the market. I’m not quite sure how I would fire him now. I really wish we had. I’m sure he is a nice guy, he just doesn’t seem to do what I feel like I need in an agent. That is someone who is willing to write offers. He isn’t. It’s like the planets have to be in alignment for him to write an offer.

Unfortunately for us, I don’t thinks those planets will ever be in alignment.

This week, I’ve got men coming in to give me estimates, men coming in to do work, and I’ve got to call the stagers and ask a ton of questions. I think it is really going to be busy this week. I hope I’m up for it.

Just think, in two weeks, I’m going to be on my way to DisneyLand. Maybe I should just think about that and be happy.

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