Poncho Poncho!

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I knitted a poncho for myself last week out of Rowan Big Wool. Initially, I had knit a sweater, but I hated it. Really. It was horrible. I did a poor job finishing, and it looked like crap on.

The poncho is out of the Stich and Bitch handbook. It just happens to use the same yarn as I had 10 skeins of! I think that was a happy accident.

I wore my poncho to work today. I just adore it. It keeps me warm, and when I have it on, I say “Poncho Poncho!”, and I smile. Most of the things I make, I make as gifts. Lots of baby sweaters and felted purses. But the poncho is just for me, and I love it. I’ll try and take a picture later tonight. I think you will agree, it’s all about Gwen, without being pink.

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  1. I want to see it! Big Wool is my FAVORITE yarn!

  2. Yes, show us a picture!
    It is good to make yourself things that make you smile grin

  3. We need pictures!!  I want to make something for my daughter.  Do they have an equivelent book for crocheting?

  4. Pictures please!!!