Archives for January 25, 2005

Movies I don’t get to see!

The Academy Award Nominiations were announced today. I'm kinda bummed. The two pictures that were given the most nods were Million Dollar Baby and The Avaitor. Unless I go by myself, I won't be seeing either. Nikki and I go to the movies once a week. Nikki used to work at Pebble Beach. Nikki doesn't want to see any Clint Eastwood movie because she doesn't want to give her old boss any more money. Can't say that I blame her. Nikki also can't stand Leonardo. I kinda like him, even though … [Read more...]

Poncho Poncho!

I knitted a poncho for myself last week out of Rowan Big Wool. Initially, I had knit a sweater, but I hated it. Really. It was horrible. I did a poor job finishing, and it looked like crap on. The poncho is out of the Stich and Bitch handbook. It just happens to use the same yarn as I had 10 skeins of! I think that was a happy accident. I wore my poncho to work today. I just adore it. It keeps me warm, and when I have it on, I say "Poncho Poncho!", and I smile. Most of the things I … [Read more...]