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December box of yumminess

Being on the design team at Scrapbook Island has been a blessing.  It really has.  I love that I’m making scrapping friends, but more than that, I feel like I’m really challenging myself.  I get products that maybe I would never have purchased, and I’m making fun things with them.  For November, I received the BoBunny Snowfall Collection. Every page had glitter.  I never use glitter.  I get really confused with it, and think that it’s too blingey.  So…  It was really a challenge.  I had a … [Read more...]

My first Make & Take at Scrapbook Island

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and boy do I have a ton to share. I’ve been chosen to be on the design team at my LSS, Scrapbook Island.  Let me tell you that I have been swamped since I started. But, I digress…  What I really would like to show you is the UBER cute make and take I taught last weekend.  It’s an accordion minibook that I made, inspired by Amy Heller.  Originally, I had a different back, but Laurie and I worked together and … [Read more...]

Pay Up

This weeks challenge was to do a LO in 30 minutes. I so missed the mark.  I mean really, even knowing exactly what I wanted to use after picking out the photo, I still preened the hell out of it.  I couldn’t decide what color letters I wanted to use.  Then I decided that I needed to use the washi tape.  Then I decided that I needed a car.  Then I decided that it needed brads…  The list goes on and on.  Let me just say that I am not a 30 minute LO … [Read more...]

Mom wants that SHOT!

This week at the Mother LOAD we were working on using products that we really like.  Many of us apparently horde the products that we love.  I do not have that problem.  I buy 2, 3, 5 copies of things I love.  That way I’ve got another when I’m ready to use it again. How I got started with this LO was…  I first decided that I was going to do a Christmas LO.  I love Christmas, and have quite the Christmas stash.  Then I picked my newest … [Read more...]

My scrapping process

Last night I got home and made a bird house out of a shoe box and a pencil for Sean.  He has a parrot toy that can go on his wrist, and he was convinced that he needed a house for the bird.  He wanted something made of wood.  I thought, there is your new shoe box.  It’s the perfect size for a bird to sleep in.  I used my exacto knife to make a window, then poked holes into the sides with my crop-o-dile.  I stuck the pencils through the holes, and there you … [Read more...]

Make Me a CAPE Mom

With all that is going on in the house right now, one would think I wouldn’t have time to make a LO.  Lucky me has the Mother Load over at Big Picture Classes, and assignments to do.  So, I was supposed to use old stuff.  I didn’t.  Most of this is from my last Studio Calico kit. So, I loved those pictures I took of Sean in his new cape I made him, so that is what I went with.  I also bought him some super hero pajamas, which he loves.  He really wants … [Read more...]

A Batman cape!

Sean asked me for a Batman cape yesterday.  He went wondering around, looking for cape, asking Nana to help him.  So, I suggested that we should go to the fabric store and buy the fabric to make a cape.  Of course, Sean was ecstatic.  So, after dinner, we drove over to Beverley’s and bought some pretty blue fabric, then some yellow fabric to line the cape with.  I also bought some thread and bias tape to help complete the cape. So, easy peasy mac and cheesey. materials: 1 1/4 yards of … [Read more...]

The Mother LOAD

I’ve been a bit behind on my Mother LOAD at BPC.  I still need to take a picture of my scrap space, but I’ve completed the first assignment…  Create a LO of why you scrap.  Honestly, I scrap because I want to remember everything about Sean.  I’m just starting to remember stories about myself and my family.  But, I want to remember these little things, and hopefully help Sean remember.  As always Lain gives a great challenge. This is a memory … [Read more...]

Back home.

It never seems like we are gone long enough.  Lately we have been taking mini breaks.  A long weekend here, 5 days off there.  Never a week at the same time.  I so need a week. This time it was 4 days, 3 days at Disneyland and 1 day at home, just being at home.  Sean really seems to need that. The skinny on the trip…  3 times on Star Tours.  2 times on Little Mermaid.  3 times on Astro Blasters.  1 time: It’s A Small World, Autopia, … [Read more...]

The Epic Battle of Good Versus Evil

Since we are going to Disneyland this weekend, I decided that I had better get a LO out before I left.  I leave you with a LO from our trip to Disney in November 2010.  We went for Uncle Stevies 40th birthday.  We had dinner one night at the pizza place at Downtown Disney.  The kids really wanted balloon hats.  Uncle Stevie got one too…  Chris said it should be “the epic battle of good versus evil”  This is what he got.  And he wore … [Read more...]