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It’s January 25, one week from today LOAD starts.  When I first tried LOAD last year, last February to be exact, I was scared.  I was sure that creating 28 layouts was well outside of my ability.  I was full of doubts and honestly…  I was so EXCITED.  I so wanted a new challenge.  I wanted to feel like all these papers, embellishments and tools weren’t just sitting around my desk gathering dust.  Which they do, sometimes. 

How thrilled I was when I finished my first layout.  Thrilled.  Beyond thrilled.  As the days past, the pages kept coming.  I felt my creative drive growing… Weekends came and I tried to do MORE.  By the end of the 28 days, I had my 28 layouts (and a few extra).  The only thing that bothered me was… 

Taking pictures at night.


The creativeness was awesome.  I’ve done better work during LOAD than I normally do. 

The community, well, it’s inspiring.  Beyond inspiring.  I found myself wanting to scraplift my counterparts work.  Wait, I did!  I did scraplift their work…  And they were flattered.

The prompts are so thoughtful.  There were days where I felt like I was taking the same path at Lain.  I’d work on a layout and the next day, the ideas I had in my head about my current layout were part of the prompt!  It was awesome. 

The challenge of getting 28 layouts done in one month, well, it was so empowering.  Everyday I would walk into work and show off what I had done the night before.  I was proud. 

Taking pictures of my work at 10:30 pm PST, well, that was a pain.  A BIG pain.  That is why in the next LOAD, I decided not to care, and post them in the morning.  No one cared.  No one.  The point always was to complete layouts.  Not to time yourself.  So, I decided that while that 12 midnight time is important, I didn’t care if I actually took a picture of what I did.  I was accountable, to myself, which is what LOAD is all about, to me.

So, if you haven’t tried LOAD, you should.  It gives you so much power.  It’s incredible the power you have when you are doing LOAD.  You are in control of your memories, control of your creativity and in control of your time.  Maximize all those things, with LOAD.  I hope I see you there.

WAIT…  LOAD, February 2012, 29 days of creative fun and play…  with Lain.  And Gwen.  Hope to see you, and your hard work on the boards.

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