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Here we are at day 21, and Lain gives us Hometown as our prompt.  So, we finally found the cord for the slide projector, and we started looking at slides.  No order to things…  Then we found one of my mom’s favorite house.  John said I should do that picture.  So, we tried to scan the slide and yeah well, that didn’t work. So, for your viewing pleasure.  Ponytail Mohawk Fun. … [Read more...]

LOAD 16 - 20

First off, I have been a sucky commenter on the boards.  I wish I knew why.  I love looking at what everyone is doing, but I can’t easily do it on my phone, so…  I’ve been remiss. I finally finished my design team project on Saturday morning.  Thank goodness.  When I turned it in, I was told that now that she knows I can do it, she is going to start giving me harder things to work on.  Hmm.  Well, at least LOAD will be over by the time that … [Read more...]

LOAD 15 - Music of your life

OK, well, we all knew that I did R.E.M. as my hobby.  So I was going back and forth about music.  I could do all the songs I sang to Sean when he was an infant.  Nah.  Then I remembered that I could do my wedding day.  I love our DJ, I did then, I do now.  He did an excellent job with mostly what we didn’t want, not what we did want.  But when I got the call the day before the wedding saying he lost his notes…  Well, I must have gotten confused … [Read more...]

LOAD 14 - What?  I don’t like this prompt.

Dude-  I know this is “Past Perfect” but dang, the prompts are so close to each other, and honestly, I’m not one who stays in the past.  OK, in my head maybe, but not in my scrapbooking.  I like to think about today, and capturing this movement.  So, here is Sean, in all his band-aid glory after Girl took a pretty good swipe at him.  He kept those band-aids on a bit too long.  We found out he really does have my skin!  Ouch!   So, … [Read more...]

LOAD, 8 - 13

It’s been so busy!  Sean was sick, and I stayed home for 2 days.  I didn’t want to, but I did.  I’m still working on my design team project, and hopefully it will be finished this week.  Or it might be the death of me.  Yes, it was a challenge, but I’m not sure I needed a challenge this month. So, let’s start with day 8 of LOAD:  What do you miss? I miss holding Sean while he sleeps.  I remember this evening, he passed out so … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 7 - No Santa?

Today was all about misconceptions.  What you believed when you were little, but didn’t pan out that way.  I IMMEDIATELY thought of this picture,  Marilyn and I sitting on Sants’s lap.  We look so happy, don’t we?  Ha. Anyway, I thought it was perfect.  I got to do my clustering.  Which I love.  I’m super happy with it, and I got to use Christmas papers, even better.  Not much love on Flilckr today, but hell.  I got lots … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Island Design Team – February

Hey…  Are you thinking about Minds Mind Eye...  You should Follow Your Heart, and Be Happy.  Can’t wait to show you what I’m doing! … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 6 - Dreams…

Little Girl Dreams?  What is better than that?  You know, there was never anything I wanted more in my life than to be married and have children.  Seriously.  That is all I ever really wanted.  I’ve been chasing it my entire life.  Seriously.  Ask any one of the men I dated in the past.  The Rocker used to tell me that I didn’t care who I was married to, I just wanted to be married.  Well…  When push came to shove, I did care … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 3, 4 & 5

Really, I’ve missed 3 days?  It seems crazy.  But true.  I cropped on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s been busy. Day 3: Who I am now: Wow…  I got the challenge and I started looking at old pictures.  I found one my my sister and I.  I decided to do it.  To just mention how I feel. This is how I feel.  That’s it. Day 4: How things change: Yeah!  Happier subject.  Great pictures of Sean at Disneyland in the same … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 2

My favorite picture.  Hmm.  I have so many.  I really do.  They are all of Sean and John.  But I decided to go with one of them sledding last year in Tahoe.  John was unemployed, we went to Disneyland, we went to Tahoe.  We spent money.  We had such a good time.  I was so happy to have my boys in a “vacation” type mode.  Knowing that John would be working shortly…  And life would go back to normal.  Ugg. So, I picked … [Read more...]