LOAD218 – Day 12

Today we were scrapping about change OR change your process OR use a sketch and change it. I decided to change my process. It is SO hard to change your process. It sucks most of the time. Honestly, every time I change my process I really don’t like what I’ve done. So, I decided to try it anyway.

Today I started with color. I never start with color. I never start with a piece of bright paper. This time, I remembered this piece of green paper. I’ve had it for years. Every time I go to use it, I put it back. It’s just so bright. But today, I said to myself, I could scrap the Jelly Belly Factory.  I mean really, bright colors are all over that place.  Actually this paper kind of reminded me of watermelon jelly bellies.  Yep.  This was my paper.  I found a piece of card stock that matched the pink on the back of this green paper, and I said, I’ve got this.

No.  I didn’t have this.  I mounted my photos on white.  Then I made some pink circles.  I wanted to make jelly bellies, but I was tired, it was the end of the day, and I know my Silhouette.  That wasn’t happening.  If I want to try and make that thing cut, I have to do it when I’m fresh.  I found these clocks earlier in the day when I was looking for embellishments to match the green.  Then, I found the gold hearts and said why not.  But something wasn’t right.

I added the Jelly Belly Factory in pink, and that wasn’t it.  I cut down the paper and mounted the whole thing on white.  That helped.  A lot.  But still, it was missing something.  I remembered these white sparkly sayings that my friend Vivian gave me.  There it was, my title.  Sweet Happy Moments.  Perfect for a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory.

LOAD218 - Day 12

This was our first stop on our trip.  I said, oh my goodness, the factory is RIGHT THERE as we went from 680N to 80E.  I said to myself, what a great first stop.  AND, we can get a whole lot of Belly Flops to give as thank you gifts. Perfect.  At this point, Sean was so grateful to have his own phone.  I was forced to use his phone at this stop to take pictures.  He wanted the pictures of him on HIS phone.  So, they aren’t as clear as they could be.  But they are there.  :)

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