LOAD520 – Day 25

It’s hard to believe that 25 days have passed. I’m surprised that I’m still going. February I got sick and just stopped. I don’t know what happened with October. May seems to be my month to finish.

It was an interesting day. We just stayed around the house. Sean worked on school work, as he owes us 2 days. Now, he only owes us one. There is so much work to complete. I’m just utterly confused how it’s all going to get done. I seeded 8 cups of cherries, made ham and cheese frittata, got ham and cheese ready to make ham and cheese hot pockets, and I’m ready to make cherry hand pies or cherry brownies. I haven’t decided which.

I’ve got a headache, and my ears are killing me. I’m pretty sure I’m getting ready to flair again from the stress. There is no where to go. No where to be alone. I’m really missing my alone time. The boys, as much as I love them, are getting on my nerves. Sean is still awake, I hear him talking to himself. It’s 11:05 pm. There is no break. No relief. I want out as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to get sick, nor do I want to spread anything to anyone else.

I digress.

Abbey LOAD Day 25 – Blackbird (song)
Story: Scrapbook a story about hopes and/or dreams
Technique: Use feathers on your page

Hmm. Like everyone, I want to get out. I dream of getting out. But, I looked around at my pictures, and I saw these funny pictures of Sean and Grammy. Making faces as I tried to get a good shot of them together. It was dark, Harry’s Hofbrau in San Leandro. Grammy likes it. Sean LOVES it. You get to pick what you want, and you don’t have to get fruit or veggies. All meat, carbs, and dessert.

We were with Grammy because on the way home from the Swedish fair we decided to stop by and surprise her with a visit. We do that every couple of months. I hope Sean does that when we are old, and he has kids. I hope that he just stops by. Calls when he is on his way. It would be nice to know that he feels that comfortable. I really hope for that. I want him to want to see us.

Scrapbook layout of Sean and Grammy

I knew that I wanted to use this coral paper that is in this Michaels paper pack I have. But I wasn’t liking the other papers with it. I then pulled out this PhotoPlay paper, and thought, “hey, this matches!” I love the little hearts on the ferns, and then the birds just went so nicely! I fussy cut the yellow bird and the “feathers”, found a bird paperclip just hanging in my unorganized embellishments. I was looking for a birds of a feather sticker or something, and then I found this love this tag that worked beautifully. A Studio Calico tag that said today finished it up. I added some Studio Calico stickers, and some teal puffy hearts. Wham, bam! All done. I do wish I still had some of those resin Websters Pages birds… One would have been cute in the upper left hand corner… Oh well..

I love it when things work the first time, but sometimes, you got to cut up a ton of paper to find your answer. Only 3 pieces died today, unused.

What do you hope for?

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