10 days away and the par-tay is already started

My birthday is always a hard time for me. I don't know why. Actually, I think it is because it is around Thanksgiving. Try having a birthday party on Thanksgiving weekend. It isn't fun. Honestly, I was trying to get out of having a gno party thing. I figured if I was away at DisneyLand for the gno on the 24 and planned shopping on the 1st that we really wouldn't have to deal with it. The event would just pass. Boy howdy, was I surprised when I showed up a bit late to girls night tonight. … [Read more...]

gno goes persian again

tonight we had persian again. it was very good. i really enjoyed it. we have a new girl joining us. she is very sweet. she had a baby around the same time that andrea did. it really changes the conversation. don't get me wrong. i don't mind the conversation. it's just, we talk about marriage and babies more than we used to. with me having neither, it makes it hard. tonight was really hard. every time andrea mentions the fact that our friend paul is marrying the girl he met after the … [Read more...]

gno goes persian

tuesday is girls night out. missey andrea, missey lisa and i try hard to have dinner together. the past two weeks, we have been flakey. this week, i needed gno. last week, it was ok... the rocker brought home quesidillas from baja fresh and we watched hockey. it was the last time we ate a meal together. so, i decided i'd better make sure there were no slackers. i sent the email out really early, and told everyone where and when. i then called andrea to make sure she would be … [Read more...]