gno goes persian

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tuesday is girls night out. missey andrea, missey lisa and i try hard to have dinner together.

the past two weeks, we have been flakey. this week, i needed gno. last week, it was ok… the rocker brought home quesidillas from baja fresh and we watched hockey. it was the last time we ate a meal together.

so, i decided i’d better make sure there were no slackers. i sent the email out really early, and told everyone where and when. i then called andrea to make sure she would be there.

tonight we met at this little persian place in campbell. negeen i think is the name. when i got there, lisa had this little gift for me. a foot care thing, with this cute name… “it’s all about me” then she told me, it is all about you now, isn’t it, and gave me a huge hug.

you know, the guy i was helping out with perl stuff said that hopefully something good was going to happen that would make me smile. he gave me a tip for my work, and lisa gave me a present. both things made me smile. both things were nice, and unexpected.

dinner was AWESOME. they put flat bread, feta cheese, onion, basil and mint on the table and said we were supposed to make a sandwich with it. it was delish! (although i have the worst onion breath right now) then i had chicken with jasmine and saffron rice. the rice was topped with almond slivers, pistacios and candied orange peel. (i know, i’m not eating chicken but it sounded so good!) i didn’t eat most of the chicken, but the rice was so yummy. i need to figure out how to make it. it can’t be hard, can it?

i was asked if i had both of their numbers on speed dial, just in case the urge to call the rocker came over me. of course i do. they were so supportive, and i didn’t cry once. go gwen!

they are such good friends. i’m so lucky. lisa thinks i should stay single for the rest of my life, while andrea wants me to start dating again tomorrow. i think i’ll wait and see. i’d like to think that some day the rocker and i could be on the same page at the same time. but, that won’t be anytime soon. besides, i’m still pissed as hell at him for all this crap.

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