Why does new equipment at the gym make me not want to go?

Last Wednesday the fitness center at San Jose State got 6 new eliptical trainers. They are by StairMaster. They are one of the machines that also does arms. I HATE THIS MACHINE. I hate it. It is the hardest, unmotivating machine that the fitness center was trying. Apparently, when I first got my membership, the fitness center was trying out different eliptical trainers to decide which ones to purchase. I liked two. The Precor EFX and the Life Fitness 95Xi. I would alternate between the … [Read more...]

AM workout

Today the entire SJSU gymanstics team was in the gym. Boy howdy! If I didn't feel fat before, I certainly do now. But, I did keep up with the girl next to me. I think she was shocked. I wasn't. I've been doing this for over 2 months now. I can keep up with the best of them. Ok, granted I can't run, but you know. I haven't been on the scale since I got back from New York. I got on this morning. It's nice to know I didn't gain a pound, but I haven't lost one either. I've still got 5 … [Read more...]

Boys at the gym

I think that going to the gym at SJSU is much more fun than going to the gym somewhere else. I mean look at who you get to watch... A bunch of guys in their early 20's, pumping iron, trying to look buff. This morning there was this guy who had some little bar bell in his hand. All of a sudden, he jumped into this John Travolta stance right out of Saturday Night Fever. I thought I was going to die laughing. Then he changed hands and did it with the other arm. He looked so funny! The guys … [Read more...]

Yoga, i believe, is kicking my ass

Today, I am utterly exausted. I hurt in my shoulders, my thighs, my knees... On top of it all, I was so hungry when I got back from my lunch time walk, I scarfed my lunch. I was eating so fast I forgot to breathe. How fun is your pudding stick to eat when you shove it in your mouth so fast that you don't remember what it tasted like? I don't know, maybe I'm exercising too much. I'm only doing the 1/2 hour in the morning and yoga on Tuesday nights. That didn't seem like too much. But last … [Read more...]

bahama mama update

so, it's been 3 full weeks since i started my workout routine. this morning i went 2.3 miles on the lifestyle elliptical trainer. i burned 320 caleries, and kept my heart rate about 152 or so. as of tuesday, i'm down 9 pounds. i'm wishing i had done measuring, because i know my clothes are all fitting differently. some (including the infamous pair of jeans) are entirely too loose. i know i've not been good about writing my food down here, but i have almost 5 weeks of food journaling in my … [Read more...]

joining the gym

today i took my butt down to the event center and joined the gym. hmm. i'd still rather start with a trainer, but i can make lots of excuses why i shouldn't go to the gym! i need to stop making excuses. so, now i've put my money where my mouth is, and i have to go. it would be a waste if i didn't, right? i start tomorrow at 7 (thats when they open)... i'm excited and scared all at the same time. … [Read more...]

diet issues

note to self: remember to bring your oatmeal, don't eat just yogurt for breakfast and don't scarf your sandwich in 2 minutes so that you think you are still hungry. good thing i ate all that carmel corn. NOT! … [Read more...]